Escapee Sheep

Ivy, one of the oldest sheep, who happens to have been bottle-fed, is a masterful escape artist. She is now teaching these skills to her lamb.

When I catch her out, she follows me dutifully back into the pasture, but I’m pretty sure she just wanders back to wherever it is that she is getting out.
I am impressed by the care that the neighbors and other passers-by express by calling or stopping to let me know that the sheep are out. Most times I trudge out to put her back in, but sometimes I just leave her out.
In her own way, Ivy and her lamb are building community one escape at a time.

P.S. After writing the entry above, on the next day I spotted Ivy wandering slowly over the hill and down to a newer pasture section. I followed at a distance and watched as she and her lamb scrambled happily under the gate. I got her back in and put a log in front of the opening. Haven’t seen her out again since. At least one mystery has been solved.

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