More dandelion news

Okay, sheep, weather, dandelions, sheep, weather, dandelions. Really, other things do go on here, but this happens to be what’s shaking these days.
In keeping with the theme, more dandelion news.

My grandmother, who recently passed at the age of 97, once made a comment that fried dandelions blossoms tasted like fried clams. This little bit of information had been percolating in my head for years until it finally rattled out into reality with the confluence of farm finances– let’s just say, clams are not on the menu– and this year’s bumper crop of dandelions. On Thursday, my daughter and I picked, breaded and fried some up.

Not quite sure that they tasted exactly like clams, but they are really good and they did have a similar texture. Being really honest, a buttermilk egg wash with cilantro and breadcrumbs fried in fresh butter, would probably make anything, including, as the Italians are reputed to say, your shoe, taste pretty good.

We’ve been eating fried dandelion blossoms for three days, spreading the good news to any and all who are willing to pop one of these babies into their mouth. We’re in no danger of running out and they are way cheaper than clams!

And, at least for now, my shoes are safe.

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