Antipodean Onions

Something is wrong here.

I love walking out of the house in the morning and going to the barn. I enjoy seeing the animals and discovering what sort of trouble they have caused overnight. I like being out in the weather, watching the seasons change, the grass green, the leaves fall, and so on. In short, I enjoy my labors.

The other day we planted 1600 onion sets. Not a lot of onions in the grand scheme, but quite a few… it took some time. So the next morning I felt compelled to check on them. You know, make sure they weren’t wilting or failing in some other way, but really mostly just to admire the tidy little rows and the amount of effort that had been expended in the planting.

I was a bit upset to find 30 or 40 plants had been plucked from the ground and deposited next to where they had been planted. Some lay individually, some in neat little piles. I thought, hmmm, interesting, I wonder what would do that? Several culprits came to mind; skunks, turkeys, voles or very precise cows. After a few moments effort, the seedlings were returned to their well prepared bed, where they rested comfortably. Equanimity restored, I thought the problem was likely solved, after all, whatever had pulled the onions had realized that it didn’t like them enough to eat them. Therefore, I deduced that the culprit would likely not return.

WRONG. The next morning a couple of dozen plants lay in little oniony stacks. And at this moment I discovered an even better trick had been played on me. And that is what you are seeing in the photo.

The Great Upside Down Onion Fiasco.

Brought to you by… something with a sense of humor. Very funny, whatever you are.

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