Second Saturday Neighborhood Night

This month’s gathering in the farmstand comes hard on the heels of the 4th. I’m going to refrain from uttering the old yankee adage about summer and the 4th, because it really feels like summer just got here. The last couple of days, just glorious, have been the sort that are either compensation for putting up with the long dark of winter just passed or are something for which we will pay in the next…

I need to be painted!

For this month’s event I’m hoping to enlist some help.  I have an old F-150 that is, quite arguably, the best vehicle I own — it always starts and it costs me nothing.  Most telling is the fact that it will no longer pass inspection… it is now the winter plow truck and never leaves the farm. It sits uninspected, unregistered and underutilized, through the summer months.  So, I want to turn it into the mobile summer home of my laying hens. Not the cab, of course… my chickens could never be trusted with access to the keys of a pickup truck. It’s bad enough waking up to random animals wandering in my yard eating the hydrangea, but the thought of hearing the truck roar to life with the chickens bent on payback for the predations of the neighborhood fox, is too much to bear.  They are lousy drivers. No, they will be relegated to a modified field house mounted on the back. I will be doing the driving.

Where'd he put those keys?

As an Egg-mobile and plow truck, it needs a paint job befitting the exalted farm status it enjoys. I’ve often wondered why people don’t paint their own cars. But that’s a topic for another day.
If you have little kids who would love the deliciously naughty idea of being encouraged to put paint on a truck, if you ever were a little kid who did or wanted to, but didn’t dare, or if you just have a can of random paint laying around and want to get rid of it – the wilder the color, the better — please join us on Saturday the 9th, paint brush in hand, and help turn the old F-150 into movable field art.
If we don’t get the turnout to finish it this Saturday, please feel free to bring paint and brush at a time convenient for you to put your artistic talents to use. You don’t need permission, just show up… I’m pretty sure it will be obvious which one is for the painting. Heck, if this goes well, I may turn my entire fleet of junk into moveable art!
Hope you can join us for, what I think, will be a real kick.
Starts at 7:00 PM, we might need to hold the painting until August if it is raining… although maybe I can clear out part of the barn.  Hah!  No, we’ll have to reschedule.
Hope to see you.
Dave, Madeleine and Axel
P.S. Don’t worry about the paint being exterior grade or for metal or whatever… we’ll just keep painting as the paint job wears off.
P.P.S. Chicken will be available toward the end of the month. Honey sold out. Burger available in a couple of weeks. Tomatoes coming fast in the greenhouse. Garlic ready soon.
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  1. Madeleine says:

    You forgot to mention that purple is a necessary color. 😉

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