First Chicken Processing Day of 2011

After a long buildup due to setting up the new chicken processing area, I am pleased to report that, as of Sunday, July 31, organically fed, grass ranged chicken is on the menu again.

The chicken room!

Twenty birds are packed and ready for pick up!  They are running from 3.5 to 4.5 pounds each. If you would like them fresh, please pick them up Monday or Tuesday.  I will freeze them on Wednesday.

Chicken, milk and eggs in the fridge (and burger in the freezer.)

I will do another 25 or 30 birds on Thursday.

The new set up is great. Best of all it is located in the new building where I can be protected from the elements. The final batch of birds will be done in late October or mid-November and by then, the weather will be less temperate.  In years past I have battled with cold hands and miserable weather. But no more.

Come get ’em!

P.S.  We pulled the garlic yesterday and will let it cure for a few before sorting and storing.  If you want fresh garlic, it’s available. It is nice having fresh… I was dicing some yesterday and it crunched like a crisp apple!

Curing garlic (on the rug?)



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