Arwen, the Flying Dog.

I am in the midst of a renovation of the ell on my old house. It’s getting close.  It started as a sill-replacement job, which (this being an old house) led to removing the entire kitchen, then setting up another, temporary, kitchen. Which led to pouring a radiant slab, then to ripping out old walls, installing structural panels on the roof for insulation, wiring, plumbing, trim, drywall and a veneer plaster job.  We are now at the veneer plaster stage.  It should be done within two weeks, which only leaves another thousand things to do before we can move in and invite paying customers for farm-stays.

Part of the effort involves cleaning up the odd pieces of drywall and trim.  From upstairs, it’s easier to toss out the window than to haul down.  So out came the screen, and out flew the flotsam.

The Window.

I didn’t put the screen back in, and I left the window open.

I was in the greenhouse a little while later, and looked out to see Arwen, my black Border Collie, in the yard.

Huh?  How did she get out?

I put her back in the house.

That evening I noticed that she was favoring one of her front paws and really avoiding putting her right rear leg down.

Arwen, the (medicated) Flying Dog.

Apparently this ridiculous dog jumped out the second story window.  I corroborated this theory by inspecting the impact pawprints below the window.

What kind of dog does that?

Why, Arwen the Flying Dog does.

She’s a Border Collie, and they are supposed to be smart.  In this case a little too smart.  She knew she could fly, but simply failed to calculate the appropriate landing trajectory.  I’m sure it was just that she had forgotten her Calculus.

P.S. Just back from the vet at the end of the road. They don’t think it’s serious — Arwen has pain meds and a prescription for rest.  Hah!  She’s a Border Collie.  She’s either on or she’s off.  Awake, on.  Asleep, off.  We’ll see how this goes.

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