The North End is nice, but…

Alice and I took my daughter to Logan Airport so she could fly to Perugia, Italy for a music festival that she was invited to attend. My kid will have been to Italy and I have not… that’s just wrong.  After watching my daughter walk through security and feeling a bit left behind, we decided to visit the North End of Boston.  This was an occasion to test the “eat something, you’ll feel better” theory.

At the recommendation of one of Alice’s friends, we ate at Trattoria Il Panino. Lotsa’ famous peoples’ pictures on the walls. We ate zucchini blossoms filled with ricotta.  Two blossoms for $ 15.00.  They were really good, but for $ 15.00 we knew we could make heaps of these things.  And before we were on 93 North, the plan had been hatched.

The next day Alice brought blossoms from her squash patch, and parmesan and ricotta from the store (we could have made the ricotta and I forgot about a block of homemade parmesan in the fridge).

We opened.

The blossom.

Stuffing with ricotta, parmesan, egg, garlic and diced tomato.

We stuffed.

We breaded the blossoms with fresh egg and just-picked oregano and fried them in lard rendered from my pigs.



We ate.

The magical salting hand of Alice.

Two plates of fried blossoms, $ 75.00 at North End prices.


And we didn’t have to pay $ 16.00 for parking!

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