Things I can’t explain…

Frequently I am presented with things that I can’t explain.

Here are a couple.


He did this himself -- all without the assistance of an opposable thumb. Farm chic, no?

Some of my chickens have developed, what I can only call, incontinence.  In the morning I find eggs that have dropped out of them overnight while they are roosting. Three mornings ago I found this.

That is an egg that fell perfectly on end and impaled itself on the handle of the feeder. I couldn't do it if I tried, but chicken did it on her first try.

I had a package of mouse poison — no, it’s not organic — under the sink in the kitchen.  Apparently the mice couldn’t wait for me to put the tasty little bricks out.  They helped themselves.



And a truck face. I bet there’s a website with nothing but pictures of car and truck faces.








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