Mini and Mojo

The cavalcade of small animals continues around here.

Mini is doing well, still eating well, starting to eat grass and she even gets around a little better.

Got milk?

Sometimes she runs down to the barn in the morning on her way to her morning meal with Mom. She is kind of “hunchy” and looks crabbed and stiff, but she seems happy enough and LOVES to be talked to and petted.

Here’s a sound file of Mini sucking (she still gets a bottle) and Mojo slurping up his bowl of milk and grain. Mini and Mojo Dinner time 11_14_11  These are the sounds of enthusiasm.

Mojo is an extremely happy pig.  He has caught on lately in the growth department, he is almost as big as his siblings now.  He comes down to the barn most mornings, provided he’s not too busy with his breakfast.

A couple of days ago, when he wasn’t annoying his bovine sister, Mojo spent chore time walking the fenceline that separated him from his porcine siblings.  Mojo and one of the bigger piglets walked back-and-forth side-by-side on their respective sides of the fence. At first glance it looked kind of cute… piggy bonding, if you will. But there was something a little ominous about it, they weren’t boinging around like playful piglets.  They were pacing in a very workmanlike way.

I had gone back to chores when I heard the squealing.

The bigger piglet had shimmied under the fence and was proceeding to hand Mojo’s piggish pride to him.  I ran out, shooed the bully piglet back under the fence and tended to the scraped and bleeding Mojo. Mojo didn’t want to leave. He had a sort of “put me back in, coach” demeanor to him, but he needed to head for the showers.  His day was done.

I’m happy to report that his scrapes and cuts have healed up and that he is still helpless when presented with a good belly rub.

The future is bright for Mojo, I’m still not sure about Mini.

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