Full tank.

It took 11-1/2 hours to fill, but it is now full.  The furnace has been charged and the system is back on line.  Temperatures are slow to climb, primarily due to the lack of insulation on the surface of the tank.   That will be finished tomorrow… I hope.

Here are the pics.

This is Plan B. There have been a number of improvements made over the original cover


This was Plan A. The primary improvement from this setup is that the tubing enters between the top cover and bottom liner instead of through the top liner. This should eliminate any loss due to evaporation. But we will see.

The new setup has a built-in tank temperature gauge and a built-in refill line.  The new liner will also have a water level gauge that will sit on top of the liner.  These are all improvements that will reduce water loss due to evaporation.

Now, if only the liner will last for more than a year.


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