Experimental Potatoes

Two years ago I saved some true potato seed from my potato patch. These seeds come from the little berries that a potato plant will produce after flowering. Last spring I planted them in the greenhouse and they were promptly overrun by the tomato jungle which volunteered from the unpicked tomatoes from the previous year’s tomato jungle. This year I resolve to not let it get out of control.  Hah.

So last fall when I set to ripping out the tomato plants I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the potato plants had actually developed enough to produce loads of marble-sized potatoes of different colors.  Some were real blue, some were obviously rose-golds, some fingerlings and some butterballs, but there were a handful of almost burgundy colored ones.  I put them into a pail and set them in the dark cellar of my house and there they waited until today.


Two rows of 35 or 40 plants are now in the ground and I still have another couple of rows worth of potatoes.  I will get them planted tomorrow.

I am eager to see what comes of this.


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