Social Entrepreneur

I’m not often given to kind of long, random, inspirational pieces, but this one I like.  So here it is.

How To Be a Social EnTrepreneur 

Go Mach II with Your Hair on fire!

Find something you love to do… and would do for no pay. catch your entrepreneurial spirit… the thing that provides you passion, energy, flow, zeal, courage, daring, enthusiasm, vitality, commitment & Focus. imagine an organization that changes “the” world or your world. remember the strangest secret in the world. you are what you think about. think big.  build simple. act now. ….

define the problem (“market”) come up with a solution.   (“idea”) execute (“Team”).

Perpetually disrupt.  Creatively destruct. build newbusiness models. create with ideas but innovate with action.

find great TALENT. Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus. keep the negative people, the cynics, the censors out of your life. the size of your impact determines the size of your incoMe.  no MoneY. no MiSSion.

(However it’s possible to have too much money. Don’T lose your bootstrap mentality.) STop transactions. BuilD relationships. You are in sales Get over it. aSK yourself daily, aM i running my organization or is MY orGaniZaTion running me? and Finally, live. love. learn. laugh.

leave a legacy.

I especially like the Mach II -hair-on-fire bit. I would look like a flaming Bozo the Clown.

That’s not a stretch!

I think this is credited to someone named Tim Suddes.  I think.

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